Mates Rates

What are mates Rates?

Well if you are a personal friend of ours, then of course we are going to look after you ... however our concept is much bigger.

Mates rates are all about creating a close community for the like-minded within the outdoor adventure tourism industry promoting multi-activity holidays.

At Adventure Junkies we are striving to build sound, on-going relationships with both our customers and other companies offering similar products worldwide. If you offer outdoor tours, vacations and holidays here in Australia we also interested in ways of working together to promote Australian outdoor adventures!

As an operator we are looking to forge relationships with other adventure operators and pass on benefits to potential and past customers who are seeking quality Australian and world-wide adventure tours, as well as to staff working within the industry.

How does it work?

We are looking for companies involved in the outdoor adventure tourism market who are willing to create reciprocal links with our site, and offer Adventure Junkies customers discounts on their products. In return we will offer your customers and your staff big discounts on our multi-activity adventure tours!

For example if you supply outdoor clothing/apparel or offer insurance targeting adventure based holidays and are willing to offer our customers a more competitive price we will do the same for you and your staff.

If you are an outdoor adventure tour operator offering extreme or multi-activity holidays or vacations elsewhere in the world, let’s work together promoting our products. Our customers may well be looking for similar outdoor holidays in the future, and if we know of another great adventure holiday product in Australia or another part of the world then it makes for a great recommendations.

We are also interested in organizations that are willing to work with us regarding promotions, marketing or advertising. If you can give us great rates, in return you'll get mates rates for you and your staff.

Essentially it's all about being mates, working together with quality products and providing discounted rates for the consumer and of course ourselves. That's what mates are for!!!


If you think you have something to offer us and our customers here at adventure junkies, drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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